"The weight room is a place where the trials never end. It is the place where we test ourselves continuously - we struggle to reach one goal and, as soon as we reach it, there is another more difficult one to meet."

- Dave Tate


Proving Grounds. The name in and of itself is meant for those who are continuously improving. However, at PGSK, you will not be alone in your next quest of self-improvement. You will be surrounded by others who are in pursuit of similar goals.


How it came about.

It's simple, really. To be truthful, it was organic. My friends and I needed a place to prepare for competition. I've spent several years acquiring and building equipment. The next logical step was to get a place to house all of the equipment... And to help my friends out by starting a gym. Starting the gym wasn't the difficult part. Aggregating all of the pieces together; something I will continue to do; is, by and large, the most challenging aspect.

Competition generates the best physical outcomes. But, more importantly, optimal mental outcomes. Working out is easy. Anyone can work out. It's training, truly training, that is hard work. Having a goal and obtaining that goal equivocates to happiness.

All in all, PGSK was started so that others could acquire the happiness I cherish from doing what I thought was impossible. The side-effects just happen to be an ideal physique and more importantly, a formidable mental strength.

- Mike Axtell / Founder of PGSK